Image: Deceased American evacuated via villa window. Credit: Basarnas Bali.

A man from the United States named as Darrell (50) was found dead in his Seminyak villa bedroom, yesterday (7/5).

There have been five foreigners found dead in their rooms in the last approximately two weeks around the tourist areas of Bali. Two Ukrainians, two Australians and now one American. In all cases, the cause of death, as yet has not been clearly defined.

“The location of the bedroom was on the second floor of the villa and witnesses said that the man had not left the room since three days before. We received a report from the Badung National Disaster Mitigation Authority (BPBD Badung) at 3.45 pm, and then immediately deployed a team of six rescuers to the scene,” Chief of Bali Search and Rescue (Basarnas Bali), Gede Darmada told reporters on Thursday evening.

The body was then evacuated by officers using complete PPE equipment. Darmada said the evacuation process experienced obstacles as the body of the deceased was rather large.

“The evacuation process was difficult because the victim was a large man. Upon arrival at the location and checking the situation, the SAR team called in more personnel.  They were then forced to remove an outside window of the room to be able to exit the body. All the evacuation team were using complete PPE equipment as is the protocol now,” Darmada explained.

The body was tied to a mattress and lowered through the window to the ground floor. This was at around 6.35pm and the body was then taken to Sanglah Hospital using an open pickup followed by the Badung BPBD ambulance.

“Finally at 6.35pm the evacuation process was complete and the body was taken to Sanglah Hospital using an open pickup truck and followed by the BPBD Badung ambulance. The evacuation involved a combined SAR team from Bali Basarnas, Kuta Police, Badung BPBD, Kuta Village Pecalang, relatives of the victim and the local community,” Darmada said.

There was no indication from Basarnas Bali or other source stories of the cause of death.

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