Image: Jalan Sulawesi Denpasar. Credit: Bali Kura Kura Guide.

Last night it was announced that there were an additional 8 positive Covid-19 cases yesterday on the island of Bali.

“There was an increase of 8 Indonesian citizens today who have been confirmed positive Covid-19 consisting of 4 PMIs, 3 non-PMI imported cases, and 1 local transmission,” said Bali Provincial Secretary and Spokesman of The Bali Covid-19 Task Force, Dewa Made Indra, in a statement yesterday.

With the addition of 8 positive cases, so far there have been 415 positive corona patients in Bali.

Indra detailed the 415 positive Covid-19 patients consist of 8 foreigners and 407 Indonesian citizens. The 407 Indonesian cases consists of 195 imported cases PMI, 34 imported from infected areas, and 178 cases from local transmission.

Of the 415 patients, 305 of them recovered and 4 have died.

“The number of positive patients in care is 109 people in 7 hospitals and quarantined at Bapelkesmas and BPK Pering,” Indra said.

Indra also hoped for the sake of suppressing the local transmission rate, that everyone on Bali will continue to enforce health protocols. Like keeping a distance, using a mask when out of the house, and diligently wash your hands with soap.

“For that, once again, in suppressing the case of local transmission, the community must be aware and disciplined in making efforts to prevent this virus,” concluded Indra.



It was announced today in the press that on Tuesday night a party in Pererenan was broken up by local police.

Satpol PP dispersed at least 15 people from a party at a private villa in Banjar Tiying Tutul, Pererenan.

According to detik.com, neighbours reported the party to the Badung Satpol PP.

“It was on Tuesday night at around 10.30pm. Nearby residents reported the party to the head of the banjar (kelian) and then the banjar reported it to us,” Badung Satpol PP Chief, I Gusti Agung Kerta Suryanegara told detik.com.

“So, the party consisted of around 15 people. (Lately we are only flexible) at night until around 10.30pm, so we disbanded the gathering,” he said.

Suryanegara explained that Satpol had also called the villa owner for information. The owner of the villa came the next morning and showed Satpol a permit and statement related to the incident.

Jalan Sulawesi shops closed


Three shops on Jalan Sulawesi, Denpasar, have been closed since Idul Fitri as the owner was tested positive to the Covid-19 virus.

“Regarding Jalan Sulawesi, there is indeed one trader who was exposed to the Covid-19 virus. A trader of household furniture. One of the traders is the owner of the three closed shops,” spokesperson for the Denpasar City Covid-19 Task Force, Dewa Gede Rai confirmed to Bali Tribune.

Dewa Rai said the trader tested positive for Covid-19 and the results of the swab test came back on Tuesday (5/26). Regarding the source of transmission, it is not yet known. “This is a local transmission. Where it came from we still don’t know,” he said.

Dewa Rai said, the owners of these three shops lived in Peguyangan Sub-District but sold household furniture on Jalan Sulawesi, Denpasar. “The trader concerned has been treated and is in a stable condition in hospital,” he said.

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