Image: Satpol checking for illegal tourist accommodations. Credit: ibizavillas2000.com

Badung community police or Satpol have been active again, this time carrying out inspections of dozens of tourist accommodation businesses this week in South Kuta. The Head of Badung Satpol, I Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara, confirmed on Tuesday that they had given 66 premises until Thursday to show their permits.

“If they cannot show their permits, we will carry out the order from the Badung Regent and enforce the law. There is an indication that many of these tourist accommodations are illegal,” he said to balipost.com. He also told reporters that the enforcement was also being carried out to optimize the taxation and compliance to the regional and regency laws related to tourist accommodation businesses. “The accommodations we checked were hotels, houses, condos, boarding houses and others,” he added.

The inspections have been in progress since Monday and they have targeted the Jimbaran, Ungasan and Pecatu areas of South Kuta. “There were a total of 66 tourist accommodations that could not show their permits. Some of the owners denied that their places were being rented, some said that the people staying in the accommodations were their relatives, but after showing them their internet adverts, they couldn’t deny it any further,” he explained.

The Head also said that illegal tourist accommodations are dominated by villas and houses. “We have given them until Thursday to present their permits to the South Kuta Office,” he said.

He concluded that the inspections would continue until September and he advised the tourist accommodation businesses to complete their permits.

“Besides legalizing their businesses, they will also help to build the Badung regency in way of paying taxes,” he concluded.


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