Image: The speed boat being pounded by waves at Devil’s Tear. Credit: IG @dibaifa

Two foreigners died near Devil’s Tear on Nusa Lembongan on Monday morning, after the speed boat they were in, the Nagasima Go, was flipped upside down by large waves. The two victims were Caval Heir O Biron, 48, from Brazil and Victor Johannes Allers, 43, from South Africa. (South African media stated that the two were a couple, South African, Victor Allers and his Brazilian wife Fatima Turne. Ed)

Head of Nusa Lembongan Lifeguards, I Gede Wanaya, said that the boat was captained by Suadak, 35. “Their boat turned upside down with a high possibility that the boat was hit by big waves, because the surf was around three meters at that time,” he said to radarbali.com on Monday.

According to witnesses, the boat departed from Nusa Lembongan’s main beach, Jungutbatu with the two foreigners, who wanted to tour around the island at around 9am. The boat stopped near Devil’s Tear at around 10.15am. When the boat stopped, a large wave crashed onto it, which flipped it upside down and the three people on board fell into the sea.

“The foreigners were in the middle of the sea, while the captain swam and hung onto the cliff face until local residents helped him with a rope stair. The waves kept crashing onto the two people left in the water and took them out further,” he added. Several minutes later, a passing boat lifted them out of the water unconscious and they tried to resuscitate them. They were brought to Nusa Penida II Community Clinic, but were declared dead on arrival.

“Meanwhile, the boat captain was being treated at East Lembongan Medical Clinic,” the head lifeguard concluded.

Police are still investigating the case.


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