Image: Sanctions for a red Tukad Badung. Credit: news.immigration.gov.tw

Denpasar Community Police (Satpol PP) closed a screen printing business on Jalan Pulau Misol, Dauh Puri Kauh, West Denpasar on Thursday that was allegedly dumping waste into Tukad Badung river. They closed the business after the owner, Hajjah Nurhayati, 40, was proven guilty of causing Tukad Badung’s water to turned red.

The closure, which was carried out at around 10am, was overseen by the Head of Dauh Puri Kauh Village, I Gusti Made Suandi, the Head of Denpasar Environment and Sanitation Board, Ida Ayu Indi Kosala Dewa, a representative of the Head of the West Denpasar Sub-District and police.

The Head of Denpasar Satpol PP, I Dewa Anom Sayoga, said that the business owner was violating the environment pollution regulations on Tukad Badung, which went viral online as the water turned red after the screen printing waste was dumped into the water.

After being traced, it was found out that the pollutants came from Hajjah Nurhayati’s screen printing business. After they investigated, analyzed the water and questioned the business owners they were charged with violating the Regional Regulation no. 11 of 2015 on Environment Protection and Management in Denpasar.

Besides that, she also violated regional regulation number 1 of 2015 about public order and law number 32 of 2009 in regard to environment protection and management. “We closed the business based on Regional Regulation No. 11 of 2015, and it was officially announced by the Head of Denpasar Community Police Unit Decision number: 188.45 / 2489 / SatpolPP / 2019 about batik screen printing business closure,” he said to nusabali.com.

The business owners will be tried in a Light Crime Trial (Tipiring) or as a misdemeanor charge, which will be held on Friday.

Dewa explained that also the business did not have any permits, so the closure is permanent until the owner fulfills the requirements that are mentioned in the regional regulation.

“We will implement sanctions to all businesses that violate the regulations. The closure will be annulled after the owner completes the permits and waste management requirements that are mentioned in the regional regulation. We hope the community can play an important role with village officials to monitor any violations and report them to the related authorities,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the business owner, Hajjah Nurhayati said that her side could not do anything to prevent the closure and that her employees carelessly dumped the waste into the river. She claimed that her business had applied waste management before the incident and the incident was caused by her employees’ carelessness. She also said that she will close her screen printing business. “I will buy the products directly from Java,” she concluded.

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