Image: The arrival committee for the new Hanoi flight. Credit: vietjetair.com.

With the opening of direct flights from Hanoi to Bali this week on January 26, 2020, Vietnamese tourist arrivals to Bali are projected to increase.

This year, Vietnamese tourists visiting Bali are expected to reach 35 thousand.

The Ambassador of Vietnam for Indonesia, Pamp Vinh Quang, who was at Ngurah Rai Airport to welcome the Hanoi inaugural flight, explained that Vietnam’s economic growth each year averaged around 6 percent. Vietnam is a fast developing country so that there will be more middle-income Vietnamese people every year. “That is why they want to now travel the world,” he said.

He said, Vietnamese travelers wanted to visit Europe and Asia, both India and Indonesia, including Bali. “Because of the culture and cultural closeness between one another. Because it’s like returning to their hometown,” he explained.

According to the ambassador, another reason for opening the new flight from Hanoi was that not all Vietnamese know about Bali.

Apart from Hanoi, Vietjet also has a direct flight since last year from Ho Chi Minh City to Bali. Meanwhile, Indonesian airlines, such as Citilink, Air Asia, and Garuda, have stated they also interested in opening direct flights to Vietnam in the near future.

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