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The latest numbers

As of Monday (4/27), the number of new cases of Covid-19 increased by seven people, while the number of patients who had recovered increased by six. From a total of 193 positive Covid-19 patients in Bali, 81 people or 41.97 percent of them have successfully recovered.

Chairperson of the Bali Covid-19 Task Force, Dewa Made Indra, said at the daily streamed press conference last night, the additional seven new positive patients in Bali as of 27 April, 2020 consisted of six imported cases with a history of foreign travel and the other person was infected with a history of travel outside the region. The total positive cases of Covid-19 in Bali as of yesterday was 193 cases, eight foreigners and 185 Indonesians.

Of these 185 Indonesian citizens, 145 or 79.28 percent of them were imported cases (infected outside of Bali). They consisted of 120 Indonesian migrant workers (PMI), 3 non-PMI (holidays abroad), and 22 infected from other regions in Indonesia.

“Local transmissions (infected in Bali) totals 40 people or 20.72 percent,” Dewa Indra said.

Police checked the quarantine situation of returning migrant workers yesterday in Tabanan.

Head of Tabanan police, Commander I Gede Putu Putra Astawa together with Tabanan Satpol chief, I Wayan Sarba, checked a number of places of quarantine themselves on Monday (27/4).

They were checking to see if the SOP in handling the quarantined PMI was in fact being put into practice and there were no violations in the quarantine process.

According to BaliPost, Commander I Gede Putu Putra Astawa, commented after the visit that all was in order and that everyone should keep disciplined until they have their test results back and served their time.

Push-up punishment if not using a mask in Sanur

The Sanur pecalang has come up with a kind of healthy punishment for people riding without masks. As seen there in the photos above taken on Jalan Tukad Bilok, riders have to do a push up after grabbing a mask and make a promise to use one at all times, both local and foreigner.

It’s getting difficult for locals to get out of Denpasar.

There still is confusion between the notions of going home for a visit (mudik) and going home for good (pulang).

After turning back many travelers on Saturday and Sunday, the Denpasar City Transportation Department allowed 60 Central Javanese residents to return home on bus yesterday, because they no longer worked in Bali.

Yesterday at Ubung Terminal, North Denpasar District, two buses carrying 60 passengers were checked before they left. The busses and luggage were sprayed with disinfectant and papers were checked.

“We are trying to stop people from going home for a visit as was demanded by the Minister of Transportation. However, these passengers were construction workers who do not have work anymore and chose to return home,” Sriawan said yesterday.

“Therefore we allowed them to continue home. But, once again we reminded the owners of the transport company not to allow people to return home for Lebaran holidays,” he stressed to Fajar News.

And what’s the situation in the hospitals?

COVID-19 patients are mostly being kept in two hospitals in Bali. The two hospitals are the PTN Unud Hospital, which was designated a special COVID-19 hospital and Denpasar’s Sanglah Hospital. Both of these hospitals have added space and beds to accommodate more patients. Until Tuesday (4/28), the Unud Hospital in Jimbaran was treating 57 patients related to COVID-19. There were 50 positive patients and seven others were patients under supervision (PDP). According to the Director of PT Unud Hospital Dr. dr. Dewa Putu Gde Purwa Samatra, Sp.S (K), there have already been 20 cured patients at Unud who have been allowed to go home.

Both hospitals can now do PCR blood tests since four days ago. Before all tests needed to be processed at Sanglah Hospital. “We have a lot of new tools now including two PCR machines. With this we can do 300 PCR tests per day,” he told BaliPost.

Furthermore, PTN Unud was ready with 97 beds and 70 nurses. “This is enough to handle COVID-19 patients,” he declared.

Meanwhile, in Sanglah Hospital there are 21 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment. Head of Public Relations at Sanglah, Dewa Ketut Kresna Hospital said the number of patients in the Nusa Indah Ward is currently 19 people. One of them is an Italian and 18 Indonesian citizens. The Mawar Ward has now been converted into an isolation room. There are three Indonesian COVID-19 patients being treated there.

The rest of the positive patients are being kept elsewhere in quarantine.

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