Image: Unud Hospital in Jimbaran. Credit: Yudix Anthara.

The Bali Provincial Government has decided to focus the treatment of Covid-19 patients, both positive and patients under supervision (PDP), at the Udayana University State Hospital, or Unud as it is commonly known, located in Jimbaran.

The preparation is now underway. The hospital will be principally used for the isolation of Covid-19 patients. This was revealed by the Director of PT Unud Hospital, Dr. Dewa Putu Gde Purwa Samatra, who told Jawa Post that his team is currently preparing the isolation area. However, up till now, only three rooms have been prepared.

“Next week there will be 12 rooms and when completed there will be 93 rooms,” he confirmed on Saturday night (28/3).

Regarding medical personnel, he said that so far there were 35 specialist doctors, nine general practitioners and one hundred nurses. This number is expected to increase as the Bali Health Service (Diskes) will also gradually add medical personnel.

He also revealed, currently at the Unud PTN Hospital, they were treating three Covid-19 patients. Of the three people, one of them is positive and two are PDP. “Because so far there are only three rooms ready,” he concluded.

Regarding the Unud Hospital, the Bali Provincial Government has targeted it being fully operational to treat Covid-19 patients by 7 April 2020. This was as stated by Governor Koster during a TV interview on TVRI on Saturday evening (28/3).

“When the Unud hospital is operational we will stop other referral hospitals handling (positive and PDP) patients. This is an attempt to stop the spread of the virus to other areas, “said Koster.

Right now, the capacity of the isolation rooms for Covid-19 patients in Bali consists of 88 units, spread over 11 hospitals. Sanglah Hospital and ten hospitals owned by the regional government.

Until Saturday afternoon (28/3), Koster said that the number of PDP in Bali was 130 people. Of that number, the number of negative patients was 87 people.

“Nine people are positive. There were four foreign nationals and five Indonesian citizens. And 38 people were still being supervised in hospitals,” he said.

The location of this centralized Covid-19 patient care was first brought up by member of the House of Representatives Commission IX, Ketut Kariyasa Adnyana. According to him, it is important to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. In addition, this concentration is also intended for the other hospitals to be able to treat patients with other diseases safely.

“At present, the Covid-19 patients are still being spread around. If they are centralised, other hospitals can focus on serving patients with other diseases safely. Free from the risk of spreading the virus,” Kariyasa Adnyana explained last night.

According to him, this is reflecting the care of Covid-19 patients at the Sulianti Saroso Infectious Disease Hospital (RSPI) in Jakarta, which states the placement of the isolation rooms must be placed within a safe radius from other patients.

“There is a provision, that when fifty percent of the isolation space has been used, then a certain radius around it must be sterile. If there are other patients nearby, they must be moved from that radius to avoid the risk of contamination,” he said.

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