Image: Apartemen Liem House. Credit: Airbnb.

A Japanese woman, Mika Hasegawa, 38, was discovered injured, lying face-down in an empty field next to her apartment on Jalan Pura Merta Sari IV Gang Nangka on Gelogor Carik, Pemogan Vilage, South Denpasar on Monday at around 8am.

Based on the results of the examination, the Japanese woman suffered a broken spine. The Head of South Denpasar Polsek, Commissioner I Nyoman Wirajaya, suspected that the victim was beaten and strangled before plunging to the field. “We cannot investigate her missing belongings nor question her because she is still unconscious and treated at Kuta BIMC Hospital,” said Wirajaya to nusabali.com yesterday.

Meanwhile, the witness who first discovered the woman, I Gede Yoga Saputra, said that he heard someone whimpering in a weak voice for help from the southern side of the apartment. He checked the source of the voice and was shocked when he found the woman lying on the ground. “She only said that she had been strangled,” Yoga said. “I believe it’s true because there was a red mark around her neck,” he added.

Yoga reported the incident to the Liem House Apartments’ security guide. After they checked the guest list, it was found that the woman was Mika Hasegawa and stayed on the 2nd floor. Then they opened the room and found out that the window was open. They then reported the incident to South Denpasar Polsek.

In a further report this afternoon it was stated that police had already checked the CCTV footage and indeed it appeared there was a man tailing the Japanese woman into the apartments at around 8am.

At that time, Mika had just arrived to the apartment after taking her son to school. It is known that Mika has lived in Denpasar for 3.5 years.

“It appears a person (the alleged perpetrator) followed the woman into the apartment because he could not possibly enter (the victim’s room) as it had an electric door lock, and they must use a card,” Wirajaya said in South Denpasar Sector Police, Tuesday (11/26).

Wirajaya did not want to mention specifically the characteristics of the perpetrator who had followed Mika into the apartment.

Until now, the police have not been able to confirm whether Mika was robbed or not as they have not been able to communicate with the woman. Mika is still being treated at the Bali International Medical Center (BIMC) Kuta.

“I arrived to the hospital at 9am to check the condition of the victim. Her condition was conscious, and her eyes looked focused,” the police officer said.

From the results of the conversation with the doctor who treated Mika, it was known that she was afraid of someone who had a muscular body. Police are also awaiting the arrival of Mika’s husband from Japan.

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