Image: Devil’s Tear shows its fury. Credit: travelingyuk.com.

Staff from the Klungkung Tourism Board visited Devil’s Tear on Nusa Lembongan on Wednesday. They performed a ceremony before starting to build the long-awaited barrier around the steep cliffs, which is being made to help prevent more accidents in the area.

The board has said that they will prioritize the installment of 180 meters of fencing this year, especially around the most dangerous spots. “We hope the job can be completed in a month,” Head of Klungkung Tourism Board, I Nengah Sukasta said to tribunnews.com.

They have budgeted Rp 70 million to install the barrier that will be made from thick, braided ropes and ironwood.

Because of recent accidents at the popular tourist spot, Bali ASITA had planned to temporarily take Devil Tears out of their trip packages that they usually offer to Chinese tourists. The Indonesian Tour Guide Association (HPI) also planned to issue a moratorium a few months ago.

“We have said several times that we won’t stand idly by while there are so many accidents occurring in the area of Devil’s Tear. We took action, but it did take time to materialise,” he added.

Sukasta explained that tourist visits were still high even though there were many plans that threatened the continuity of tourism in the area. He hoped that the accidents can be minimized with the barrier installment and there are no more issues related to Devil’s Tear.

“We will temporarily install 180 meters this year, but we have already submitted the budget to complete the job,” he concluded.

There were four serious accidents at Devil’s Tear this year alone, and three of them resulted in being fatal. The accidents mainly occur while people took selfies at the edge of the cliff and the big waves swept them away.

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