Image: There’s a party going on in North Kuta. Credit: IG Jeg Bali

A video that shows a group of foreigners partying last night in a villa in North Kuta, Bali went viral on local social media and in turn, the national press today.

In the video, dozens of foreigners are seen partying by a pool while enjoying the music from the DJ.  The video, which was reposted on the Instagram account @jeg.bali from an account called @tyronhermitt17, has come under fire from many quarters as the young people seemed to be ignoring the social distancing and ban on crowds to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Badung Police Chief AKBP Roby Septiadi said his party would find out the location of the video.

“I will check again later,” Roby told Kompas.

Meanwhile, also on Jeg.bali more posts showing security men breaking up a gathering at the same venue (unclear of when that was) and also an apology video of the young people involved in making the party (which was claimed to have come from Mengwi Polsek). From what they have said, it appears they have learnt their lesson.

It was also brought to light on social media this morning that dozens of local people at a Renon park were playing volleyball and hanging out yesterday afternoon, Sunday April 12.  Commentators were asking what the difference was between people hanging out on the beach and people hanging out in the park. (Most beaches have been blocked to the public. Ed) Commentators were also saying walking on the beach and in the park is also good for combatting the virus and aiding the immune system. The post was featured on the Semeton Mekedekan Facebook page.

A Renon park on Sunday

To note, Bali Governor Wayan Koster has issued Governor Instruction number 8551 year 2020 related to strengthening the prevention and handling of Covid-19 in Bali. In the second point of the instruction, his party restricts activities of the crowd and the tourism object by closing the operation tourism sites, the operation of the night entertainment, eliminating the crowd and or entertainment, including the tajen and negating other activities that involved many people.

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