Image: Hot package delivery. Credit: grandremovals.com.

Bali narcotics officers (BNNP) discovered a large stash of marijuana last week in fashionable Canggu. 31.6 kilograms of marijuana in 53 bags was found in the room of suspect, G.R, in a boarding house in the Canggu area of North Kuta on Thursday.

“The suspect has already been arrested a number of times by Bali BNNP. They believe he is part of a Bali-Medan network. The amount of evidence was huge, too,” said a witness to balipost.com on Sunday.

The witness also said that the Bali BNNP Eradication Team suspected that the sender was a big dealer based in Medan and sent the packages to GR, who was on standby in Bali. The packages were sent by courier on Wednesday and arrived in Bali the next day.

“After the package was received, the suspect was immediately arrested. When they searched his house, they found marijuana being dried in the sun,” he added.

The suspect and the evidence were brought to the BNNP Bali Office on Jalan Kamboja, Kereneng, East Denpasar.

BNNP officers are still investigating the case.

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