Image: Bali arrivals terminal. Credit: Seminyak Times.

Foreign tourist arrivals to Bali in October 2019 totaled 568,067 visits, which was a drop of 3.81 percent compared to the month before, September 2019.

“In the January-October 2019 period there were 5,240,297 foreign tourists visiting Bali directly, which is 1.46 percent higher than January-October 2018 (yoy) when there were 5,164,929 arrivals,” said the Head of the Central Agency Statistics (BPS) of Bali Province, Adi Nugroho on Monday (12/02/2019).

Australia and China dominated the figures again until October 2019 with 19.63 percent and China 19.59 percent. India was on top of the rest with 5.73 percent, United Kingdom (4.64 percent), United States (4.36 percent), Japan (4.19 percent), France (3.54 percent), South Korea (3.31 percent), Germany (3.31 percent), and Malaysia (2.74 percent).

“South Korea recorded the highest increase in the number of foreign tourists till this point in 2019 compared to 2018, with a rise of 47.06 percent,” he said.

While tourists from China recorded the deepest decline compared to the same period the previous year being 14.99 percent down.

Compared to October 2018 (yoy), the number of foreign tourists recorded rose 9.69 percent.

The numbers for the month of October 2019 had Australia streaking ahead with 21.02 percent, China (15.46 percent), India (5.15 percent), United Kingdom (4.67 percent), France (4.18 percent), Japan (4.12 percent) the United States (4.07 percent), Germany (4.05 percent), South Korea (3.75 percent), and Malaysia (2.97 percent).

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