Image: Another Australian in trouble. Credit: sites.psu.edu.

Kuta police arrested another foreigner causing trouble this time in Umalas on Monday evening. They arrested Sreza, 25, after he climbed the roof of a local resident’s house and then raged out of control on Jalan Umalas, North Kuta.

According to a witness statement, the man was an Australian citizen and the police suspected that the man was either drunk or had a mental disorder. The police took him directly to Sanglah Hospital after they arrested him.

“I got information that he was brought there so he could be calmed down using a sedative,” said the witness to tribunnews.com.

He also said that the man’s hands and feet had to be tied up by the nurse and the security officers to secure him.

“He was treated by the Sanglah Hospital psychiatrist team that was monitored by Dr. Rasmi,” the witness added. He said that the man wasn’t reported for any criminal activity and there was a high probability that the man had a mental disorder.

“Before they went to Sanglah Hospital, the foreigner was brought to North Kuta Community Health Center,” he explained.

The Head of Criminal Investigation Unit, First Inspector Androyuan Elim. S.I.K, confirmed the incident. He also said that the foreigner babbled when he was arrested and interrogated. “When we asked him where he lived he only said that he lives in Canggu,” he said on Tuesday. After that, the foreigner stayed silent and didn’t want to talk anymore. “We didn’t know whether he did that on purpose or he was depressed,” he added.

He explained that they brought the man to Sanglah Hospital to get treatment. “He is still at Sanglah Hospital. We haven’t received any report from the hospital until now,” he explained. “There wasn’t any report about any loss or crime that was caused by the foreigner as yet,” he concluded.

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