An Australian man residing in Bali, Kevin James Nunn (58) was found dead at his home in North Denpasar on Wednesday afternoon (05/06). Police suspect the victim was poisoned.

“Two expired canned drinks were found near the victim,” Denpasar Police Chief, Commissioner Jansen Aventus Panjaitan told Sindonews.

The victim’s assistant, Dorcas, told investigators that on Tuesday evening (5/5), the victim was seen drinking alone in the living room and finished a bottle of alcohol before going to sleep.

According to the man’s wife, Arianti, Nunn first complained about chest pains in the morning. He was taken to a clinic and after returning from the clinic, she gave him canned milk. According to Australian press, the man, originally from Kalgoorlie, also brought home a malaria medication which was also consumed.

But after drinking the condensed milk, he began vomiting. He then went to sleep around 11.30am, but after trying to wake him around 12.30pm, his wife found he was unconscious.

Arianti then called an ambulance. After the officers arrived, clad in PPE gear, and checked the man, the man was declared dead.

The victim’s body was then taken to Sanglah Hospital using the COVID-19 protocol. “From the results of the rapid test, the victim was declared negative to COVID-19,” said Jansen.

The man and his wife had been married for approximately five years.

“They had travelled to Australia on March 14, returning on March 30, 2020,” stated Panjaitan and concluded, “We are still waiting the forensic examination results and we still try to get the approval from the family (in Australia) to do the autopsy.”

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