Image: Badung trash problem continues. Credit: cerita.co.id

The Badung government has to manage their own waste now after the tolerance period of disposing waste at Suwung landfill, South Denpasar, ended last Thursday. A landfill area in Tuban will be used as a temporary solution while the 3R waste processing site is constructed next to the Mengwi Terminal is being completed.

An excavator and bulldozer are now on standby at the Tuban landfill area ready to process the plied up trash. There are 10 officers periodically spraying the rubbish to prevent any smell and flies in the area. After the process is completed, they will cover the rubbish with plastic sheeting.

According to the agreement between Badung Environment and Sanitation (LHK) Board and respective authorities, the temporary landfill in Tuban will only accommodate the trash from the Tuban and Kuta areas, and the public trash that is handled directly by the Badung LHK.

“The trash out of Tuban, Kuta and public areas in the area will be handled at that site,” said the Head of the Badung LHK Board, I Putu Eka Merthawan, to nusabali.com on Saturday.

Eka explained that the decision has been socialized with a decree, which said that the head of sub-districts, sub-villages and villages in Badung should prepare and facilitate waste management services in their respective areas. “I want to inform people that we won’t tolerate people throwing trash out of the areas that have been determined by the village heads. Please don’t throw the trash into the mangrove or the river areas,” he added.

“We have started to manage our waste independently, even though I must admit that the condition is not ideal yet, because the facilities are still being developed. Don’t take it as an excuse to litter the area,” Merthawan said.

After the 3R Waste Management Area (TPST) next to the Mengwi Terminal is complete all of the rubbish in Tuban will be immediately delivered there to be processed. “We want to make Tuban clean,” Merthawan said.

When asked about when the new landfill will be operating, Merthawan said that it is still in progress. “The Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) Department targeted that the new landfill would be fully operational around mid-December 2019,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Badung PUPR Dept, IB Surya Suamba, said that the construction of the 3R TPS next to the Mengwi Terminal is still on going and according to the initial plan, the local government must provide the permits and land surfaced with concrete, safety fences and more.

“At the moment we are still building a 30 meter x 50 meter trash warehouse, a dividing wall, and a waste processing machine with a capacity of five tons per hour,” he said to Tribun Bali.

Because the construction is still in progress, Surya Suamba predicted that it would need at least two to three weeks for 3R TPST to be ready to process large amount of trash.

“We target that the processing area will be completed on December 19, 2019, and the new landfill can be used the next day,” he concluded.

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