Image: Berawa field closed to the public. Cedit: SDW

New numbers out last night confirmed two positives in regard to Covid-19 and Bali. One being the number of positive cases on the island in a week span continues to decrease, and also patients recovering continues to grow.

From the data at the Bali Provincial Health Office, the number of patients recovering from the illness increased by seven on Sunday (5/17) to an overall total 250 people or 71.84 percent of the total cases handled.

Meanwhile, according to the Sunday figures, positive new cases of Covid-19 in Bali increased by two people. Cumulative positive cases total 348 people since the beginning.

There are 94 people or 27.01 percent still being treated in hospitals around the island.

Restricting Community Activities

Bali beaches remain closed. Denpasar continues with their PKM, or Restrictions on Community Activities, with varying degrees of success with some people complaining of the build-up of people and traffic at check points. However, it has been reported, because of the PKM, crime is down in Denpasar 50% since its implementation. And the Berawa field has also been blocked to local residents.

The Lapangan Berawa (Field) has now been cordoned off with no entry tape, after authorities had repeatedly asked, then told, residents to stop walking and playing their sports on the grass. This is presumed to be because of the new norms such as physical distancing to curb the spread of Covid-19.

This now begs the question, where are people in the area now supposed to exercise or walk their dogs. At this time, Berawa has one of the largest foreign tourist populations in Bali and dozens of people have been frequenting the field all day long getting their exercise. As local resident David T told ST, “First no beaches and now, no park. What does it all mean, especially as positive cases are right down in Bali. People need the beach, park and sun to keep fit.”

It has been well documented that exercise and catching the sun are the best ways of warding off the virus, keeping fit and the immune system healthy enough to survive the illness.


Swab tests at the airport

Chairman of the Bali COVID-19 Task Force, Dewa Made Indra said on Saturday that from now all passengers arriving at Ngurah Rai International Airport will receive a swab test for Covid-19. Since the policy of easing travel restrictions issued by the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) on May 6, 2020, has gradually increased the mobility of people moving around the country via land, air and sea routes, the Bali provincial government, through the Task Force, has tightened the screening of every person arriving into Bali. In particular, passengers arriving at Ngurah Rai Airport and the Port of Benoa now require mandatory swab tests. The rapid test will no longer be used as before.

With Idul Fitri holidays coming next week already, expect even more tightening of all entrances to Bali.


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