Image: Rubbish piles on the street in front of a traditional market. Credit: dlh.bulelengkab.go.id

The Bali Provincial government is determined to eliminate single use plastic on the island as soon as possible. To this end, they are now targeting traditional village markets to limit single use plastic and there will be a Governor Regulation applied to govern it.

The Head of Bali Provincial Garbage, Dangerous and Toxic Wastes Management Board, I Made Dwi Harbani, said on Monday that after they implemented the single use plastic regulation at the start of 2019 the use of plastics had drastically dropped in modern stores around Bali.

He referred to the data from the Bali Province Environment Board, which recorded that the use of single use plastic at Indomart and Alfamart had dropped 97.67 percent and 88.31 percent respectively as of April 2019. Meanwhile, the use of single use plastic in Denpasar stores had dropped 99.14 percent by the end of January 2019, and the pile of plastic garbage at the main rubbish dump had dropped 6.67 percent by March 2019.

He explained that waste management should be carried out comprehensively from end to end to create a convenient, clean and healthy environment. It should be carried out with the local wisdom such as regulating it in customary law. “The limitation of single use plastic in the villages will start at Bali’s traditional village markets,” he said to balipost.com.

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