Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’ also known as Blue Philodendron is a very unique and interesting plant.  It is an aroid and is a part of the Araceae family of plants.  Found originally on Cebu Island in the Philippines, this plant can now be found in areas of Asia, Central and South America.  What makes Epipremnum pinnatum so special, is that the juvenile plant looks completely different than the mature adult plant.  The leaves of the young plant are elongated and have a blue/silver color to them, whereas the leaves of the adult plant resemble more of a palm frond with pinnatifid or divided leaves almost to the midrib.  Other differences are the juvenile plants are terrestrial, whereas the adult plants are epiphytic climbers.  Epipremnum pinnatum is sometimes mistakenly confused with Monstera plants, but can easily be correctly identified by the hard ridge that runs along the stem, since Monstera stems are smooth. Coming from the rainforest, this plant prefers moist soil and full or partial light.


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