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Another foreigner has upset local residents recently in Pemaron Village, Buleleng. A Frenchman, R.G.P.A., 51, allegedly forbid a local resident, Ketut Agus Suadnyana a.k.a Jem Tattoo, 33, to grill fish on the beach in front of his house, which has caused a bit of a stir as the dispute became viral after it was recorded and uploaded on social media.

According to a statement made by Jem Tattoo, the incident began when he went to the beach with his family on Sunday at around 5.30pm and started to make a fire to cook fish in front of R’s house. The Frenchman was watching him with a cynical look when he collected tree branches, according to the statement, but Jem ignored that as he felt that the beach was public space.

The Frenchman called him over and tried to give the young man a garbage container full of dry leaves. Tattoo thought that R. must have misunderstood and thought that he was burning rubbish. “I said sorry, and that I didn’t need any rubbish, I just needed a few tree branches to cook the fish. Then he asked about his fire. I said to him that I can do it because I cooked them on the beach area, which is a public space, and not in his house,” said Jem to baliexpress.com on Monday.

This explanation wasn’t accepted by R. and he quickly became furious. As he became angrier, he said that he would burn rubbish in front of Jem’s house. Jem then became angry in turn. “I was angry at that moment and he taunted me and I accepted the challenge. I took a stone in anticipation and I asked him why he talked like that. I also called my parents, the head of the village, and the other local residents,” he added.

The rock musician Jem also explained in the statement that R. had caused many problems in the Pemaron Beach area. Allegedly, he had even forbid anyone jogging and passing in front of his house.

Jem asked the authorities to do something about it. “It would be better if they deported him, because he often caused problems here,” he said.

The Pemaron Village Head Monitoring Officer, Putu Mertayasa, also confirmed that the Frenchman had caused numerous problems in the area. He had already forbidden local residents who wanted to swim, fish and search for clams in front of his house.

The man also damaged a local resident’s temporary store when there was a bird song competition, which was held next to his house, in 2017. “R. said at that time that he couldn’t see birds in a cage, because birds fly free in his country. We even asked him to sign an apology statement letter because of his behavior. He said that he was sorry and paid some money at the time,” said Mertayasa.

Mertayasa said that R. married a local woman and has stayed in the house since 2016. There was information that he was divorced about three or four months ago. The village authorities planned to submit a request to Immigration to deport him, because he had caused so many problems.

Locals were also upset just in July, when a Middle Eastern family caused a stir trying to ban locals from a beach in front of their villa in the same area.

Meanwhile, the Head of Singaraja Immigration Office, Thomas Aries Munandar, said that he couldn’t comment on the incident and his team will investigate it. “I haven’t met the Frenchman. I will inform you when I have done so,” he said.

The Chairman of the Buleleng Indonesian Armed Forces, Dewa Ketut Suardipa came with a more conciliatory voice when contacted by Buserkriminal.com. He said he regretted the incident and especially when the condition of the special tourism area of ​​Lovina turns for the worse, “We are very sorry that this should happen in the central area of ​​Buleleng when tourism visits are already declining. This is just a community miscommunication with the foreigner, and we have received reports that the man is a nature lover and concerned about community activities. Like last year, he was sorry to see the birds stuck in cages and watched by many people,” explained Dewa Ketut Suardipa.

He also regretted the actions but did not blame the community. The incident should have been reported to the Pemaron village apparatus to be followed up later.

Furthermore, Dewa Ketut Suardipa said, “There is a PLTU fuel pipeline nearby. “It is also possible that he feared that that could catch fire and burn down the house,” he told Buserkriminal.com via telephone line.

In a story today, Immigration chief Thomas Aries Munandar said, “We judge there are no immigration violations. Because this is purely a problem of social conflict that can happen to everyone and tourists,” he explained.

Because this is a social problem, Immigration actually will try to find a solution between the local people and the foreign tourists by mediating.



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