Image: Hotel occupancy rate weaker.  Credit: hotelinvestmentstrategies.com

The number of foreign tourist arrivals to Bali increased in September 2019. According to Bali Bureau of Statistics data there were 590,655 foreign arrivals, or 42 percent of the total foreign tourists to Indonesia, which reached 1.4 million. The Head of Bali BPS, Adi Nugroho, predicted that the number of foreign tourist arrivals in 2019 would be greater than 2018 and 2017.

The top five countries were again Australia, China, Britain, Japan and India. From those five, the number of Chinese tourist visits faced an anomaly with a large decrease while the others all increased.  “We must pay attention to the number of Chinese tourist visits, which dropped 22 percent,” he said to balipost.com.

He also said that the increased foreign arrivals did not have much effect on the hotel occupancy rates, which was about 5% down on last September. The occupancy rate has not fully recovered even though there was an increase in the number of arrivals. “Usually the number of foreign tourist arrivals is in line with hotel occupancy rates, but the occupancy rate hasn’t fully recovered. It means there is another factor influencing that, and we believe it’s the number, or lack of domestic tourist arrivals,” he added.

BPS recorded that the number of domestic tourist visits dropped significantly from January to July 2019 due to expensive ticket prices and this still hasn’t recovered until September 2019.

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