Image: Thief caught and now behind bars. Credit: eurweb.com

Bali Polda arrested a suspected thief in Jember, Java on Wednesday, who allegedly had broken into 21 villas around south Bali. According to police, the suspect, AGS, 26, was shot in both legs as he tried to escape while being arrested.

The Head of Bali Polda Public Relations, Commissioner Hengky Widjaja, said on Thursday that the case began when a break-in was reported last week at Ambara Villa in Canggu. Police received information that there were two perpetrators who carried out the break in and that they were riding a N-Max motorcycle without registration plates.

After further investigation, they discovered that the perpetrators were repeat offenders with the initials of Y and A.B. “We received information that the suspects stayed at a boarding house on Jalan Gunung Soputan, Denpasar. We found and arrest Y at the location, but AB was not there,” said Hengky to balipost.com.

When Y was interrogated, he admitted that he had broken into a villa in the Canggu area with his brother, A.B., who had already gone to Ambulu, Jember, East Java. The police went to Jember after they got the information and arrested him on Wednesday at around 7pm. A.B. admitted that he had broken into 21 villas with his gang, which consisted of Y, A.R., and D.S., who all had been arrested before him.

“The gang targeted most of their break-ins in and around South Denpasar and North Kuta,” Hengky added.

“We also secured evidence and goods, such as a camera, a bag, a motorcycle, jewelry and a watch. We are still interrogating the suspects,” he concluded.

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