Image: Lolowah bint Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Saud. Credit: en.wikipedia.org

Indonesian police continue to investigate the fraud case of Saudi Arabian princess, Lolowah bint Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Saud. This week they confiscated two vehicles, a blue Audi sedan and a black Toyota Alphard Vellfire, which belonged to one of the suspects, Evie Marindo Christina, at her residence in Malang, East Java.

Evie is still at large, but meanwhile, her son, who has also become a suspect in the case, Eka, was arrested at the end of January 2020. “We confiscated the two vehicles from the Saudi Arabian Princess,” said the Director of Criminal Investigation Unit of Indonesian Police, General Brigade Ferdy Sambo, to tribunnews.com on Thursday.

Previously, investigators had confiscated two cars and several land documents in possession of the accused. The assets were in the form of a 2012 Jaguar, a Toyota Alphard and several land certificates and transaction receipts. Investigators also blocked the bank accounts of the two suspects and several assets in Gianyar, Bali and East Java.

The case was originally reported to police in May 2018, where it was claimed Princess Lolowah lost 36 million US dollars or more than 500 billion rupiah.

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