Image. Benoa Harbour. Credit: Realita Rakyat.

A total of four cruise ships carrying hundreds of Balinese and Indonesian cruise ship crew members (ABK) have docked this week at Benoa Harbour. All crew members were tested for Covid-19.

The ABK who arrived on April 16, 17 and 18 all tested negative and were submitted to the district/city authorities for quarantine. However, on the fourth cruise ship, on April 19, there were a number of returning ABK who tested positive.

“There were 13 ABK found to be reactive, meaning positive according to the rapid test,” said Chairman of the Bali Province COVID-19 Task Force, Dewa Made Indra in a press statement on Monday evening (4/20).

According to Dewa Indra, 11 of them are from Bali and the two others are from other regions. All of them have been placed in quarantine and have also made swab test specimens.

“The swab specimens were taken and hopefully tonight, or by latest tomorrow, the results will be back,” added the Secretary of Bali Province.

If the swab test results are negative, continued Dewa Indra, the crew can go home. Both those from Bali, as well as those from outside the region will immediately be sent home.

“We can’t send them home now because we’re still waiting for the swab. They could infect anyone along the way now. So, the 13 are now in quarantine,” he said.

From March 22 to April 19, there were 10,684 Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) / ABK members returning to Bali.


Eleven of the laboratory test results are back last night. A total of seven were positive.

“There are seven ABK confirmed positive and four negative,” said Dewa Made Indra in a press statement.

According to Dewa Indra, the four negative crew members were from Bali. They were allowed to go home on Tuesday afternoon.

The rest are in quarantine.

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