Image: Crossroads at Serokadan. Credit: Google maps.

A number of residents of Banjar Serokadan, Abuan Village, Bangli whose rapid tests results were reactive on Thursday afternoon (30/4), were rapid tested again the same night. The repeat rapid tests were carried out by the Bangli COVID-19 Task Force to ensure the accuracy of the results of the previous rapid tests.

The Bangli task force spokesperson, I Wayan Dirgayusa confirmed on Friday (1/5) that a rapid test session was held again Thursday night at around 8pm at the local banjar hall. The rapid testing was led directly by the Chairman of the Bangli Regency COVID-19 Task Force, also Regent of Bangli, I Made Gianyar, with the Bangli Chief of Police and District Military Commander.

There were 23 residents who re-did the rapid testing and all results were non-reactive.

All present could not comment on the differences in the results of the rapid tests. “We do not dare to comment how it could be like that,” Dirgayusa explained to Balipost.

Regarding the matter, continued Dirgayusa, the chairperson of the Bangli Regency COVID-19 task force ordered the re-testing of all other residents using different tools. How many residents will be re-tested again has yet to be determined. “The chairman also ordered to continue rapid testing all residents who had not been done yesterday,” he explained.

Asked about the results of the swab tests of several Serokadan residents, Dirgayusa said that the results had not yet arrived. He said on Thursday there were 136 residents who had been tested by swab.

This morning, Friday, the swab testing continued with other Serokadan residents whose rapid test results were reactive. “Today swab tests were being done at Abuan Elementary School,” he said.

Yesterday, there were already suspicions about the number of positive test results. “Whether the tests were correct or not, how come there are so many. The chairman had already ordered after the first tests to double check again, which we did,” he explained.

The quarantine situation continues at Banjar Serokadan.

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