Image: Seminyak street fights go viral. Credit: Facebook.

If you spent time on social media lately you would think Seminyak was under siege. The latest raucous among foreign tourists occurred on Wednesday night (30/10) again on Jalan Laksamana, Seminyak, in the La Favela, Los Gringos and Red Carpet (Basangkasa) area. In order to control the situation, Denpasar and Badung Police are joining together to police the area more.

“It’s happening at the border of Kuta and North Kuta. I have coordinated with the Badung Police Chief to carry out joint patrols,” said the Denpasar Police Chief Commissioner Pol. Ruddi Setiawan to BaliPost on Thursday (10/31).

Chief Commissioner Ruddi regretted this situation, as in addition to disturbing public order, a small number of foreigners can damage the image of Bali tourism. “With this joint patrol, hopefully these melees will not happen again,” he said.

Bali Polda ordered the Kuta Police Chief to collaborate with the North Kuta Police Chief to provide security in the area. “It has happened several times in front of La Favela, but until now there have been no reports made to police about the incidents,” said Ruddi.

According to Kuta Criminal Investigation Unit officer, Iptu Putu Ika Prabawa, from information obtained at the scene, the incident occurred around 9pm, Wednesday. No one knew where the fighting foreigners were from. According to people at the scene, initially a foreign woman was nudged by a male foreigner. The woman’s friend did not accept this and immediately hit the man.

“The woman who was touched also got involved in the fight. Finally the fight involved several foreign tourists. But there were no serious injuries,” said the former West Denpasar Police Head of Criminal Investigation.

Residents and security guards who saw the incident intervened and broke up the fight, eventually and the two warring parties immediately disbanded. “Until now there has not been an official report from either groups,” said Iptu Ika.

As has happened on numerous occasions recently the video of the fight quickly went viral.

However, fights like this are not new to local Bali residents. Apparently residents are used to seeing foreigners fighting at night, it’s just now the videos go viral so quickly.

“The matter of tourists fighting at night actually has happened since a long time ago, as soon as there were pubs and bars in Kuta. Back then, though it was often a fight only between those people, it didn’t go any further, there was no social media back then,” said Head of Banjar Basangkasa Seminyak, Nengah Mardawa when talking to detik.com on Thursday (Thursday) 10/31/2019).

Mardawa said that his party had also formed a local banjar security group, Penrepti Basangkasa, to conduct patrols in the area and also stated that he had no problem with tourists vacationing in Bali and in search of entertainment.

“The patrol in Basangkasa is for the foreigners who are really out of control, maybe because they feel too happy and do strange things on holidays. Yes, we must think how to keep tourism safe. We have to be strict, but not too much, and it can’t be too comfortable for these people, there are rules, there are limits,” he explained.

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