Image: The aftermath of the fire at Bintang. Credit: IG @riskidarmawan_

Most of Bintang Supermarket and neighbouring stores on Jalan Seminyak, burned down last night. The Head of Seminyak Village, I Wayan Sunarta, said that the fire started at around 2.45am originating from the back of the supermarket.

“The fire started at the back of the supermarket and someone at first tried to put out the fire, but the fire quickly became bigger,” he said to tribunnews.com.

Sunarta continued that the fire spread quickly and burned several shops around Bintang Supermarket. “The fire spread and burned several stores. Among them a pharmacy, a cellphone counter, the post office, cassette shop, photo studio, accessories shop, clothing store, Seminyak restaurant & cafe, coffee shop and the main warehouse for several shops has gone. The fire burned a total of 340 square meters,” he added.

Meanwhile, another witness, Komang Paruk, confirmed that the incident started at the back of the supermarket at around 2.45am. “The source of the fire was from inside the supermarket. Then the fire became bigger and spread through all the buildings,” he said.

Fire Department team fought the blaze until around 4.30am. Until now it is unclear how much damage was sustained inside the supermarket.

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