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Bali National Search and Rescue Board (Basarnas) have suspicions that British man, Ryan Roth, who was suspected of falling from a Bukit cliff earlier this week may have tried to stage his own death.

According to officers, there were many irregularities concerning the incident. One was that there weren’t any of the victim’s relatives or friends coming to the location during the search, and also that there weren’t any signs or marks that someone had fallen at the location.

Basarnas Field Coordinator, I Ketut Wirajaya, said during the search that his men did not find any broken branches or disturbed bushes. Plus, Ryan’s belongings on the top of the cliff were still well-organized. However, the Basarnas team kept following the procedure to search for the missing man.

After searching the whole day on Tuesday, the search was stopped on Tuesday afternoon. Basarnas also submitted the case to the police. They will conduct a search again if it is needed.

Meanwhile, Australian 9News revealed yesterday that the British national and self-proclaimed entrepreneur had been accused of scamming people in several countries.

“We went through all the procedures, but we didn’t find either the victim or signs of a fall of anyone around the cliff,” Hari Adi Purnomo, head of Denpasar search team, told 9news.com.au.

Police said the note inside Mr Roth’s bag was a letter to his former girlfriend Alice, who’s since reportedly been found and told investigators that there’d been no problems with her ex recently. The note said: “I’m sorry Alice. I’m the man you fell in love with, but past things I never did made you feel I was a stranger. I’ll always love you. None of this is your fault. Your old man xx.”

Responding to a 9News inquiry about Mr Roth, NSW Police confirmed the man was wanted for questioning. “Following a 2008 online fraud report allegedly involving a then aged 27-year-old man, officers from Sydney City Police Area Command conducted an investigation. Investigators are yet to formally speak to the man who left the country,” a spokesperson said.

Also according to the Australian press, a post on a website for scam victims claims that while Ryan Roth, who allegedly used the alias Ryan Flynn, was in New South Wales he sold a “1970 penny stamp to an elderly woman for some A$8,100, essentially robbing her of her life savings”. The same post claimed he had outstanding rental payments in Sydney and “conned his girlfriend at the time of thousands of dollars, leaving her homeless”. There were also allegations from Los Angeles, England and France including that the man scammed people “under the distasteful disguise of a child sex trafficking charity” and owed money over a short film he promised to but failed to produce.

The investigation continues.

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