Image: Handcuffs and Jail. Credit: truthout.org.

South Denpasar police managed to apprehend a group of thieves that were recently targeting houses and boarding rooms occupied by foreigners and a local.

The perpetrators, Andri (39), Ardimansyah (39), Delly Wijaya (28), and Hartoyo (29), all from Palembang, South Sumatra were arrested in the Kuta area on Tuesday (1/28).

“During the arrest, the perpetrators were shot by police as they tried to escape. They had sharp weapons which they intended to use if the victims resisted,” Denpasar Police Chief Commissioner I Wayan Jiantara was reported as saying in BaliPost (29/1).

Jiantara added that there were three break-ins reported to the police last week. Benny (30), an Indonesian, had Rp 71 million stolen from his boarding room in South Denpasar on January 18, a Dutch woman (55), Rp 73,050,000 and a man (22) from Switzerland (Rp 31 million) had their houses robbed in Sanur on January 27.

After receiving the growing list of reports, South Denpasar police began to investigate, going to the scenes where they managed to obtain the characteristics of the perpetrators.

Officers then conducted surveillance in the Kuta area where the men were believed to live. On Tuesday (28/1) at 1am, officers arrested the four men in a house in Jalan Benesari, Gang Arjuna, Kuta.

Jiantara explained that the perpetrators often targeted empty or unoccupied houses. Based on the statements of the three victims, the condition of the house when it was left was in a locked state. However, when the victim returned, the door to the room was broken and wide open.

Related to the case were confiscated a number of watches, Rp 750,000 cash, 100 Singapore dollars in denominations, two silver necklaces and a strong box. In addition, two knives and various keys were seized.

“Of course this case will continue to develope. The perpetrators have never been arrested before and until now, have never injured any victims. For their actions the defendants are subject to Article 363 of the Criminal Code regarding theft, with a max sentence of seven years imprisonment,” Jiantara told Antaranews.

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