Image: Bali Toll road gate. Credit: Seminyak Times. 

Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono has postponed the adjustment of toll rates in 2020. The main reason for delaying the increase in toll rates is an adjustment to the current economic conditions. Basuki rates that economic conditions are not good.

“I think the economic condition is not normal. So even if it is time the rate goes up, I will hold it first. Because these are abnormal conditions,” said Basuki in his office to detik.com, Jakarta South, Tuesday (3/10/2020).

Basuki did not refer to the corona virus pressure on current economic conditions. However, he cited the condition of the depressed tourism sector in the Bali region. According to him, this phenomenon proves Indonesia’s economy is not good.

“Because the economy is right, hotels in Bali have halved their salaries to keep afloat. I have to empathize with that,” said Basuki.

However, he could not say when this delay would change. According to him, the Ministry of PUPR still needs to review the impact of the toll tariff increase if it continues in the midst of a depressed economy.

“We’ll see. Later, if it really is time it will be increased. But if it’s still in an abnormal condition like this, I’ll keep the policy,” he concluded.


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