Image: Hot water pool in Penelokan Bangli. Credit: tempatberliburwisata.blogspot.com

The Association of Indonesian Travel Agency (Asita) was not amused when they found out that the Bangli government had increased the admission prices into several tourist destination sites (DTW) as of January 1. Asita claimed that the government did not inform them or anyone about this change.

Tourists also got a shock when visiting Penelokan DTW on the New Year’s Day on Wednesday finding the entrance price was up.

“They said they had sent a socialization letter via post and fax, but we didn’t received anything from them. Then they said that they will send the decree about the ticket price increases tomorrow. What for, exactly? The new ticket prices have been implemented since yesterday,” the Secretary of Bali Asita, Putu Winastra said to balipost.com.

He complained that his side could not do anything with the new ticket price implementation now. He also advised his members to prepare for potential losses, because Asita had signed contracts/ sold tour packages in 2020 with the previous ticket prices.

Meanwhile, in better news, the number of foreign tourists who arrived to Bali in November 2019 reached 498,088. This figure was the highest when compared with the same month over the past four years. Compared to November 2018 (year on year), the number of foreign tourists who visited Bali saw an increase of 22.46 percent.

According to gatra.com the top five visitors to Bali in November 2019 were Australians with 21.14 percent, Chinese 15.76 percent, Indian 6.90 percent, United States 4.60 percent, and Great Britain with 4.13 percent.

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