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United States Homeland Security (HSI) released a statement last week related to the fugitive, Rabie Ayad, who escaped from Ngurah Rai Immigration Office several weeks ago. They said that they will form a joint operation with Indonesian authorities to find the fugitive.

“HSI will form a joint operation with Indonesian authorities to find Rabie Ayad, who reportedly ran away from immigration detention in Denpasar,” said Marco A. Champion, Indonesian Attaché for HIS, to balicitizen.com on Monday.

Marco explained that Ayad was a criminal wanted in United States for his role in a large scale credit card scamming and blackmailing conspiracy. The crimes have caused the loss of 55 million US dollars to several US financial institutions.

Previously, a report said that Rabie Ayad Abderahman, 30, who is on the US’s most wanted list, ran away from Ngurah Rai Immigration Detention Office when the authorities intended to move him to Kerobokan Prison.

The Vice Head of Bali High Prosecution Office (Kejati), Didik Farkhan, said that Rabie has become one of the US’s most wanted criminals because he was suspected of stealing 7 trillion rupiahs.

He was arrested by Bali Polda on April 19, 2018, after they got a red notice from Interpol.

After he was arrested, Rabie was tried and detained at Kerobokan Prison. The judges at the trial declined an extradition order on October 23, 2019, because the name on the passport was different with the name of the man on trial, even though the physical characteristics were similar, including the same tattoos on his body.

When the Public Prosecutor appealed the verdict, Rabie was sent to Ngurah Rai Immigration detention from Kerobokan Prison. After the appeal was approved, the authorities wanted to bring him back to Kerobokan Prison, but it was then discovered that the suspect had absconded.

Meanwhile, Indonesian police are using any method they can employ to find the man. It was stated today in Detik.com that they were using supernatural means to track the fugitive, with the aid of gifted people to find him. The man remains at large.

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