Image: Covid-19 testing in Badung. Credit: Stanford

A patient suspected of having COVID-19 was tested positive in Badung Regency today and now has the status of Person Under Surveillance (ODP).

After being in Jakarta the patient carried out an independent isolation. However, after a while the patient showed symptoms and was tested.

With these results, the COVID-19 Task Force confirmed that the first COVID-19 case in Badung was not a local transmission, in other words, not originating from human transmission in this region.

The patient is an Indonesian citizen, whose whole family is also not in Bali. (They are careful not mention in the source article if the patient is male or female. Ed)

“The patient uses an address in Badung, but is not a local resident,” said the Head of the Badung Health Service Dr. Nyoman Gunarta with permission from the Badung COVID-19 Task Force I Wayan Adi Arnawa, Thursday (2/4).

He explained the patient infected with COVID-19 recently traveled to Jakarta and from the results of tracking the patient did not meet with many people.

“The patient often went back and forth between Jakarta and Bali, and indeed has a house in Kerobokan Kelod. We have already done the tracking, and we have isolated the people who have had contact with patient,” he said while stressing that the case was not a local transmission.

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