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After allegedly beating up his girlfriend three months ago, preman or mass organization member, K.W. (38) was finally arrested by Denpasar police on Saturday (5/30) at 1pm.

The woman, M.T.R. (44) suffered wounds on the back of the head, eyes and left cheek. Denpasar Police Commissioner I Dewa Putu Gede Anom Danujaya said on Tuesday (2/6) the criminal act took place in a boarding house on Jalan Pulau Ayu Gang Babiguling, South Denpasar at 4.30pm on Thursday (12/3).

It was claimed on that afternoon the suspect checked the woman’s Facebook account and was shocked to find a photo of her ex-husband. The suspect became jealous and accused the victim of having an affair with her ex-husband.

During the ensuing argument, the woman from East Denpasar, claimed she tried to explain the photo, saying she had never had an affair with her ex-husband or with anyone else. However, the suspect didn’t calm down and became more furious.

“While the girlfriend tried explained the photo, the suspect suddenly hit the woman’s head against the wall of the room and then hit her in the face with a clenched fist. He then allegedly kicked the victim in the stomach one time and as a result the victim lied helpless on the floor,” said Commissioner Anom Danujaya.

The suspect from Buleleng, who worked as a security guard, immediately fled the scene leaving the victim in pain on the floor.

The woman reported the incident to the Denpasar Police that afternoon.

Receiving the victim’s report, the Denpasar Police began their investigation and after almost three months the suspect was finally hunted down on Saturday (30/5), being ambushed by police at a boarding house on Jalan Pulau Bungin, South Denpasar District.

Police were quoted in Nusa Bali as saying they believed the man was afraid when police arrived as they found him hiding in the bathroom. After first trying to escape, the then cooperative suspect admitted to police that he had mistreated his girlfriend.

“The suspect has been charged under article 353 of the Criminal Code concerning Persecution, with the threat of imprisonment of 2 years and 8 months,” he said.

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