Image: Bali Covid-19 Task Force heads. Credit: Pemprov Bali.

The Latest Numbers
According to the Bali COVID-19 Task Force the latest case numbers from last night (2/6) are like this.
The cumulative number of positive patients is 487, which is an addition of five cases, all Indonesians, consisting of one imported case (within Indonesia) and four local transmission cases.
The number of patients who have recovered is now 342 people.
The number of patients who died is a total of five people. (We are still waiting for confirmation on what happened to the twelve year old boy from Gianyar. Ed)
The number of active cases is 140 people who are in eight hospitals and quarantined at Bapelkesmas, UPT Nyitdah Hospital and BPK Pering.

Canggu tests
A total of 225 people took rapid tests in Banjar Babakan, Canggu, and three people were declared reactive. According to the health protocol all three were immediately swab tested.
“Rapid tests were instigated in Banjar Babakan, because one of the residents there was found to be positive Covid-19,” said the Head of Badung Health Office, Dr. I Nyoman Gunarta.
Coordinator of the Badung Covid-19 Task Force, I Gusti Agung Alit Naya said, “Because the swab has to be carried out twice, and they have to wait for the results, the three will stay temporarily in a halfway house that has been prepared in the Kuta area.”

Government offices open this Friday
Bali Provincial Government offices will be open and serving the community as usual from Friday, 5 June 2020.
Governor Koster asserted, even though government offices will be opened later this week, it must still be accompanied by vigilance and with preventive Covid- 19 health protocols.
“Don’t be mistaken, only government offices will be opened. Other sectors are not yet open. We will wait until it is completely safe,” explained the Governor who is also the Head of the Bali Covid-19 Task Force.

Reverse flow Idul Fitri: over 17 thousand enter Bali
Compared to last year, there was a decrease in passengers of around 95 percent during the return period of Idul Fitri. Two-wheeled vehicles dropped 98 percent and four-wheelers dropped 78 percent.
According to General Manager of the Port Authority, Fahmi Alweni, most of the incoming traffic was logistics transportation. Both trucks and pick-ups are still allowed to operate normally during the Covid-19 pandemic.
“For public passengers, it was very far down. We saw that this was indeed due to awareness because there really was no buildup at the port. Although there are some who were still stubborn and were repatriated from Gilimanuk,” told NusaBali.
In addition, Fahmi said, check points for purchasing crossing tickets were set up on both sides, which were also used as examination posts for Covid-19 Task Force officers from each local area, to ensure that prospective passengers, who were buying tickets, had completed the requirements, especially the carrying of a rapid test certificate.

Secretary of Jembrana Covid-19 Task Force, Ketut Eko Susila Artha Permana, said that since the tightening of the entrance checks in Bali from Thursday (5/28) till yesterday Tuesday (2/6), there had been hundreds of travelers who were sent home to Java from Gilimanuk.
“It is recorded that there were 31 people were sent back from Gilimanuk, but the exact number, I am sure, was more like hundreds, because many were not recorded, with checks carried out at three points. There were checks at the port, at the KTP checkpoint and the checkpoint at Gilimanuk Bay,” said Eko.
According to him, there were a number of travelers who were found to pass the crossing from Ketapang that did not carry a rapid test certificates. Then there are also those without KTPs and did not carry travel letters from the area of origin or destination in Bali.
“We are not brave enough to ascertain whether they had been examined before or not in Ketapang, but certainly, if it was found that the conditions were incomplete when they arrived in Gilimanuk, we immediately send them home,” said Eko Susila.

Dead Australian man evacuated using PPE protocol
Officers from Badung BPBD clad in PPE gear removed the body of a 55 year old Australian citizen with initials DWJ from a boarding house in Banjean, Munggu village, Mengwi early this morning.

The man had been living at the boarding house for 10 months and according to Badung police spokesperson, Detective Ketut Oka Bawa had a history of heart complaints and shortness of breath.

“The man had complained of shortness of breath around 11pm Tuesday night to his friend Eka Surtika (29) who brought the man’s medicine to him. The Australian man then took the medicine. A few hours later the shortness of breath returned and he passed away,” Bawa told Bali Post.
Eka then informed the owner of the boarding hours, who then called the local village authorities. At 3am banjar officers arrived with the Badung BPBD team. “The man was evacuated with the Covid-19 protocol to Sanglah Hospital,” stated Bawa. The cause of death was not stated.

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