Image: Rapid test results were not good news. Credit: Radio DMS Ambon.

A husband and wife from Lampung, Sumatra went to the PTN Udayana Hospital on Monday (1/6) to get a Covid-19 rapid test, but when they received the results they ran out of the hospital never to be seen again.

“The husband’s results were negative. While his wife was reactive,” said Managing Director of PT Unud Hospital, Putu Gede Purwa Samatra to Jawa Pos this morning.

According to the Covid-19 treatment protocol, if a rapid test result is reactive the person must then be isolated in the hospital.

But when he was given an explanation and notification of the swab test plan, for both of them, the husband refused. At that point he invited his wife outside for a moment and they were gone, said staff at the hospital.

In fact, when the hospital called the number they listed when registering, the number was not active.

Purwa Samantra explained that it is thought the couple were doing the rapid test certificate for the return to their hometown.

The case has been reported to Badung Covid-19 Task Force.

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