Image: The former Bank Legian office in Denpasar. Credit: Twitter: Bank Legian.

After being on the run since October 2019, fugitive owner of Bank BPR Legian and major shareholder of Sky Garden, Kuta, Titian Wilaras (55), was finally arrested and placed in a Denpasar police cell on Tuesday (05/13).

Wilaras disappeared when he was named a suspect on October 10, 2019 for alleged banking crimes earlier that year and become a fugitive after the National Police Headquarters put him on the wanted list in accordance with a Police Financial Services Authority (OJK) request letter in December 2019.

After evading a police hunt since then, Titian was finally detained by members of the Netherlands Indonesian Police Headquarters in a 5-star hotel room in the Netherlands on Tuesday (12/5) and immediately handed over to the OJK.

“Titian Wilaras, who allegedly has a company as well as horse stables in the Netherlands, was secured in a 5-Star Hotel in Amsterdam on Tuesday (12/5). He was then directly escorted to Bali and handed over to the prosecutor’s office and is now detained in Mapolresta Denpasar,” said a source, Wednesday (5/13).

The suspect and evidence were handed over by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) investigator to Denpasar Prosecutors on Tuesday afternoon. When handed over, the suspect, who is also a major shareholder of the now defunct and litigation besieged Sky Garden Club in Kuta, was accompanied by his legal counsel. After the administrative process, the prosecutor in charge of the case had him immediately arrested. This immediate detention was made as the suspect had already shown to be uncooperative and had already disappeared once since being investigated by the OJK.

“The detention was carried out at Denpasar Police Detention Center because Kerobokan Prison has not yet received new detainees due to Covid-19,” said Head of Denpasar Prosecutors, Wayan Eka Widanta, Wednesday (05/13). He added that the suspect will be detained for the next 20 days until the proposed trial date.

According to files at the Department of Investigation of the Financial Services Sector, it was explained that the suspect Titian Wilaras, born in Medan, May 13, 1965 and registered as a resident of Jalan Tukad Unda No. 8/6 Denpasar, Sasih Panjer, South Denpasar, committed banking crimes in August 2017 to October 2018 at PT BPR Legian on Jalan Gajah Mada No.125-127, Denpasar. The suspect, a controlling shareholder of PT BPR Legian, allegedly ordered directors and a committee he formed to funnel funds belonging to PT BPR Legian to his accounts for personal use.

“The suspect Titian Wilaras was charged with Article 50A of Law No.7 of 1992 concerning banking as amended by Law No.10 of 1998 concerning banking,” said Eka Widanta.

The Head of Denpasar Police Public Relations Detective I Ketut Sukadi confirmed to Denpost that the suspect Titian Wilaras was detained at the Denpasar Police Headquarters. Sukadi also ensured that the arrested man was not getting any special treatment. Every prisoner, he explained, received the same treatment according to the rules in force.

Regarding the Denpasar police investigation of Titian Wilaras for a different case concerning the Kuta nightclub, Sky Garden, Sukadi admitted that his party had not yet received a report. According to sources, litigation against Wilaras and an accomplice is continuing on lost revenue and tax fraud from the nightclub since the accused took over the said nightclub in early 2019. That case continues.

As is known the OJK Regional VIII Bali-Nusra office revoked the business license of PT BPR Legian, owned by Titian Wilaras on June 21, 2019. The revocation was made after many complaints arose from customers who could not withdraw deposits at the BPR Legian offices at Jl Gajah Mada No 125-127, Denpasar.

Revocation was carried out after the shareholders and BPR management cannot restructure the bank within the period of special supervision in accordance with the provisions.


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