Image: Police checkpoint in Penatih, North Denpasar. Credit: IG @erickrisnarinjaya

The first day of Denpasar Community Activity Restrictions, or PKM, started with a joint team monitoring a number of entrances to Denpasar city.

On the first day, Friday (5/15), at least eight entrance roads to the city of Denpasar were monitored by a joint team consisting of the Transportation Agency, the TNI / Police, Pecalang, health services, as well as officers from other relevant agencies.

Motorists were asked to show their identity cards and also a clear purpose for entering the city. If they did not have clear goals the officials were not reluctant to ask them to turn around.

While reporters from Balipost were at the checkpoint at Penatih in North Denpasar, at least three people were asked to turn around. “They didn’t have a clear purpose, so we asked them to turn back,” said the Head of Denpasar Transportation Control, Wayan Tagel Sidarta.

In addition to the three people who were turned around, there were also four others who wanted to return to their homes and 46 people who did not bring a certificate of employment (which they are meant to have with them. Ed.)

However, those who did not carry a work certificate could still continue their journey, because there is indeed a clear purpose. (The kasiang policy one presumes. Ed)

In addition to monitoring, a number of motorists who were stopped were also asked to do rapid tests. At least 17 people who came from areas exposed to COVID-19 had rapid tests with the results all negative.

Tagel Sidarta said that today there are eight locations that are being monitored.

Tribune Bali says the examination points are currently more focused on two-wheeled motorists who are asked to show a work certificate and their identification. They are also checking body temperatures and that all riders are wearing a mask.

A Seminyak Times reporter went into Denpasar this morning to see what was happening and didn’t see any check points right from Seminyak to the centre of Denpasar and back again. Presumably the checkpoints will be moving around varying locations every day, or possibly just the main roads from other areas of Bali.  Time will tell.

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